Face & Skin Therapy

Yon-ka Deep Cleansing Facial


This specialized deep cleansing treatment effectively treats congested & asphyxiated skin. Includes steaming & a thorough deep pore cleansing with focus on extractions.

The sebaceous glands are re-balanced with the germicidal action of high frequency, concluding by a spa mask ending with a finishing cream. (Ideal for adolescent skin)

Yon-ka Hydralessance Facial


This performance, deep hydrating facial will revive dehydrated complexions, smooth & soften the skin, eliminate signs of stress & help the skin to re-balance itself. This facial is excellent before & after exposure to UV.

Yon-ka Alpha-Vital Facial (Resurfacing Treatment)


Using organic sources AHA-BHA from natural fruits, dead cells are sloughed away. Skins surface becomes noticeably smoother without a hint of sensitivity. Wrinkles & fine lines fade away. The exfoliating properties of alpha & beta hydroxy acids will effectively increase the skin cell turnover, leaving the skin softer, firmer, & more radiant.

Yon-ka Optimizer Lifting & Firming Facial


Every part of this miracle skin care treatment encourages flawless skin & perfect tone. In just over an hour your face is “lifted” with a redefined contour & replenished radiance. Thanks to the regeneration action of extracts from horsetail, hyaluronic acid, & collagen, you are left looking beautiful & relaxed with a renewed sense of harmony.

Yon-ka Excellence Code Facial


Perfect for Mature Skin, Excellence Code Facial is an exceptional anti-aging care that incorporates a high performance  technical treatment.

A double deep exfoliation with draining techniques is followed by Specific Yon-Ka anti-aging energy points work, kneading’s & lift and roll. Then by an exclusive bio-cellulose mask ( used in reconstructive surgery) infused with an intense concentrate to reprogram the rejuvenation of mature skin cells.

The  excellence code global youth cream provides 20 key ingredients to act on all signs of aging concerns: lines/wrinkles, collagen and elastine, nourishment and dark spots.

G.M. Collin Sea C Spa Facial Treatment


This age-defying Vitamin C based treatment is the perfect choice to reverse the visible signs of aging and energizing the skin. This rejuvenating treatment visibly improves the skins’ elasticity, leaving it looking rejuvenated and feeling soft and supple.

G.M. Collin Botinol Facial Treatment


This innovative and non-invasive retinol treatment with instant long lasting results will visibly reduce expression lines, fine lines, and wrinkles for an immediate radiant boost.

G.M. Collin Collagen 90 Facial Treatment


This exclusive collagen pellicle, highly acclaimed, intensely rejuvenating treatment will minimize visible fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate and tighten the skin for a more youthful, flawless, appearance, and will hydrate the skin for a more plump and radiant complexion.

Physician’s Choice Peel Treatment


When it comes to ensuring dramatic results, the PCA Jessner’s solution is a blend of well-tolerated, safe & effective peeling ingredients. Alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, retinoids & skin lightening ingredients are used in a strategic combination to address a wide variety of skin concerns. This treatment will help to rejuvenate & improve the appearanceof fine lines, breakout-prone skin, while promoting an even,bright skin tone.

Physician’s Choice Oxygenating Trio Treatment


This amazing oxygenating facial is an anti-oxidant therapy to correct & prevent free radical damage. This effective treatment stimulates cell respiration & circulation. It will draw oxygen to the skins surface producing a rosy flush & rapid warming sensation leaving your skin looking youthful, glowing & radiant.


This advanced facial treatment encourages the productionof collagen & elastin tissue, creating a firmer more youthful facial contour. Your skin will feel smooth & even due to the deep exfoliation. Effective at improving & reducing fine lines, age spots, skin blemishes, oily skin, enlarged pores, blackheads & acne scarring. Depending on the condition & maturity of the skin, a series of micro treatments may be recommended in order to achieve optimum results.

  • Microdermabrasion Facial$175
  • Microdermabrasion Eyes$50
  • Microdermabrasion Neck$65
  • Series of Six Microdermabrasion Facials*$875

* (suggested 7 to 10 days apart)