Body Treatments

Yon-ka Gommage Marin Body Polish


This wonderful treatment begins with an aromatic foot compress, your body is invigorated with a dry brushing technique to gently remove dry & dead skin, followed by a deeper exfoliation using the guerande salt scrub, trace elements & your personal choice of essential oil combinations, a Yon-ka Quintessence shower & is concluded with a relaxing body massage leaving your skin feeling regenerated, smooth & supple.

Yon-ka Phyto Marin Treatment


(Slimming Treatment)

Under the effect of Yon-Ka’s specific techniques combined with detoxifying, draining brown seaweed & concentrated plant extracts, the circulation of blood in the skin is stimulated, intensifying exchanges, gently accelerating the elimination process, & smoothing out “orange peel” skin. The slimming treatment is removed with a Yon-ka
Quintessence shower & is concluded with a relaxing body massage. Result-visibly slimmer, shapelier figure, eliminates cellulite, and promotes firmer skin tone. A series of this treatment may be recommended in order to achieve optimum results.

Yon-ka Secret de Beaute


This three hour wonderful treatment combining marine mineral salts and essential oils for a full body exfoliation, followed by a nourishing foot mask, warm peach paraffin rested in the hands with heated mitts, and the exceptional Yon-ka Hydralessence facial. This complete treatment envelopes you from head to toe in a total spa experience. Tiredness drifts away, leaving you feeling pampered and refreshed with renewed balance and confidence.